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Transaction Advisory Services

You donโ€™t have to choose a large national or international firm to get Big 4 diligence expertise. With Redpath and Company's Transaction Advisory Services, you have a better choice: a CPA firm with all the necessary experience and capabilities, providing an unrivaled level of attention and service. Receive the dedicated support you deserve โ€“ without the price tag.

Whether you are deploying your newest fund, divesting a business unit, contemplating an exit, or testing the waters for your first transaction, Redpath and Company helps you make timely, informed business decisions. We provide a comprehensive and insightful diligence report that will be leveraged throughout the transaction process, giving you the flexibility to scale up or down as necessary.


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Our Approach

Every transaction presents unique challenges, risks, and opportunities. Whether you're navigating buy-side, sell-side, refinancing, or another transaction, a collaborative engagement with your advisors can cover all the angles and ensure a successful outcome. Redpath provides our clients with the information they need to make informed business decisions throughout all stages of the transaction life cycle.

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Your team of M&A advisors will help you set a foundation of success for growthโ€”from driving a better understanding of the competitive landscape and market dynamics to identifying specific targets and leveraging a specific transaction process throughout integration. 

  • Growth Strategy
  • Acquisition Strategy
  • Target Screening
  • Corporate Finance
  • Deal and Value Creation Playbook

With Redpath's deep due diligence expertise in your corner, you can navigate a successful closing and resolve complex tax issues by identifying and addressing your unique risks and exposures.


Strategic tax planning is a critical element in mitigating risk and maximizing returns. Your transaction advisors will help you address tax structure considerations so you can make more informed decisions.


Assess your businesses through the lens of a potential buyer, lender, or investor to set the stage for a successful transaction. With a thorough and well-defined transaction readiness process, you will be able to address key risk areas, identify opportunities for improvement, and understand system limitations that may result in leaving money on the tableโ€“or even an unsuccessful transaction.


Evaluating collateral, cash flows, and other underlying credit fundamentals helps you identify and mitigate credit risk and ensure the greatest opportunity for return on your investment.


Alignment between the sale agreement and working capital is vital to a successful close. Through Redpath's specialized analysis procedures, you can be confident that you're seeing every negotiation opportunity and that you're protected at close.

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